donation update :)

Since the day I started everybitchneedsascrunchie, I had the complete support from so many friends and family. One friend, in particular, showed me continuous support, love, and encouragement. The name “every bitch needs a scrunchie” is actually something that I did not come up with- I owe it all to one of my best friends, Conor. There have been many times throughout the years that I have considered changing the name because of the word bitch in it; however, if Conor taught me anything, it was to be 100% my authentic self. Everybitchneedsascrunchie is 100% my authentic self.

the update :

In April, the world lost a beautiful soul. Although the last months have been a struggle to keep up with life, I find motivation within myself through Conor. Since he is such a huge supporter of this business and just me in general, I have decided to switch from donating 15% of sales to the Malala Fund to 15% of sales to the Conor Wilson Memorial Fund. Although I still LOVE the Malala Fund and women empowerment, the Conor Wilson Memorial Fund really means a lot to me. The fund is going to be used to help give people second chances, which is something that I am also very passionate about.

ways to donate to the Conor Wilson Memorial Fund :

venmo : @conorwilsonmemorial

paypal : @ConorWilsonMemorial

I love you forever Conor, this is for you.